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AutoLock™ Screw Holding Drivers

AutoLock™ screw driving tools lock onto a screw to prevent dropping and bucking screws while installing.
  • Operation is simple: Hold a screw near the tip and push it into the driver. The AutoLock™ driver triggers forward to lock in the screw. Drive the screw all the way in. The head is automatically released about 1/2" before full install and then the driver is ready for another screw.
  • With an AutoLock™ driver securely holding your screw there is no need to hold screws on the driver with a second hand. This extreme hold is especially useful when driving self drilling tek screws.
  • AutoLock™ drivers have a purely mechanical hold so there are no magnets to attract drill shavings and debris.  
  • Need to pull out screws?  Forget wiggling them out by hand or using a pliers.  Keep your drill spinning and pull them right out.  Pull the outer sleeve back to eject the screw.