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5/16" & 8mm Hex AutoLock™ Screw Driver

5/16" & 8mm Hex AutoLock™ Screw Driver


Drive standard 5/16" (also 8mm) hex washer head screws including #10 and #12 self drilling tek screws and Tapcon style screws with total confidence using the AutoLock™ driver. This driver locks onto a screw to eliminate dropping and bucking screws sideways for greater productivity. There are no magnets to attract metal shavings and debris. 


  1. Hold a screw near the tip and push it into the driver. The driver triggers forward to lock in the screw.
  2. Drive the screw all the way in. The head is automatically released shortly before full install.
  3. Repeat


  • Patented design easily locks onto screws when loading and self releases during installation.
  • Heat treated alloy steel for long life.
  • 1/4" hex quick change shank.
  • Floating neo-bonded washers will not interfere with tool operation as long as there is a 1/4" gap between the washer and screw head.
  • Largest diameter of tool is 1"
  • 1/2" minimum recommended screw length.
  • Since AutoLock™ drivers lock around the screw head, non-standard screws with washer head diameters greater than 7/16" are not compatible with this driver.  Looking to drive a different type of screw? Send us a message through our About Us page.

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