User Feedback

We love hearing feedback from users. 

Here are just a few examples:

"Workers kept pinching their fingers when the bit / screw slipped using the old fashioned method of holding the screw between the thumb and pointer finger. The Auto lock driver holds the screw so the worker does not have to. This is BIG in preventing pinched fingers!" -PJ in Tennessee, Industrial construction

"My Husband gave it a trial run and was super impressed. Something so simple is going to make his life so much easier!" -Suzy in Australia

"I bought one for air piping at work...they definitely work!" -Gabe in Ohio, HVAC

"They work awesome for us. Couldn't be happier!" -John in Ohio, Grain bin construction

"These bits are awesome. I use them with self tappers on shipping containers. Holy cow I will never drop a screw again. This will save me so much time and aggravation it's unbelievable." -Joseph in Texas

"We assumed you needed to pull the outer piece back at first. The fact that everything happens automatically is amazing! Awesome product when you're reaching to fasten." -Pat in Chicago, Industrial HVAC

 "We used these drivers for high rise construction with 300 series stainless screws. Dropping a screw from those heights can create a big issue" Josh in North Carolina

"We had a warehouse project that required installing over 120,000 screws. We picked up a handful of the Autolock drivers to arm the crews and they went to work. Wow, these were a game changer!" -Paul in Chicago

"This is a totally underrated bit driver. This driver will hang on to your 1/4" hex head screws until they have enough of a bite, at which point it smoothly releases the screw. I have to install dozens of boots overhead with 2" long screws and this allows me to hold a carpenter square up to the boot with one hand while driving the screw with the other. No more screws falling out of tiny magnetic bits. I love this thing! -Bob Sale

I needed it for some exhaust ducts in the attic that were hard to access. Before I bought this it was nearly impossible to get the screws started.
This product was a life saver! -Houston

This is a must have tool if you are putting metal on a building. Total game changer! Does exactly what it’s supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less! Quality through and through! I’m currently putting metal on my new 20x30 pole barn! Used it all day Sunday the 11th of April 21. Yea, it’s a little pricey! But worth every penny! -Theresa Markosky

Works as advertised. No more dropped screws. This is an excellent product and is exactly what I've been looking for. An absolute must have and is extremely impressive. Looking forward to what ever new tools the guys at New Revolution come up with. -R.N.

Great tool! I recommend it highly! -Dennis Wilson

Used this with roofing screws fastening corrugated metal panels to walls and ceilings. Screws no longer pop off the old bit holders. The New Revolution Autolock holds the screw head so firmly that I have not had one fall off yet. This driver saves me sooo much time and frustration- worth every cent! -Anomic

HVAC commercial installation technician and basically if your tired of wasting money on bits that wear away an drop screw this is the best self tapper bit holder I talked to the owner of the company Kevin is a great guy. Very helpful will definitely get all the rest of the bit fasteners. -Marylou

A must have for duct installers. This a wonderfully created machine it holds my screws (even the low hats) perfectly. -Henry L.

The extra hand you always wanted! -Brad

The bits have worked flawlessly. I use it to put in screws when extended at full arms length and plunge that screw in which is impossible for the normal magnetic bit. It has gotten me through a lot of tough situations -Paul T, steel roofer.