Autolock Driver Instructions

AutoLock™ Drivers lock onto a screw to prevent dropping or bucking screws. Drivers have two primary positions: retracted and extended (holding position).  When no screw is loaded in the driver, it will typically be in the retracted position. 


  • To load: hold a screw near the tip and push into the driver. Driver will automatically trigger forward to lock in the screw.
  • This screw can then be driven all the way in as the head will be automatically released about ⅜” before full installation.
  • The driver is then ready to accept another screw to repeat the process.  It may be helpful to rotate or twirl the screw slightly while starting to push towards the driver to align the screw head with the bit. 
  • If a driver is in the extended position without a screw loaded, reset by lightly pushing the driver against your palm.

See it in action: