Can you rebuild an AutoLock driver?
Should a bit wear out we can replace them. We charge $10 to disassemble, clean, and replace the main drive bit component. The buyer must pay the cost of shipping. Please email us if you would like a quote for this service. 

How long will a driver last?

The number of screws you can install during the serviceable life of a driver will depend a lot on how they are used. 10,000 screws is a reasonable expectation for users who take decent care of their tools. We've seen drivers after 10,000 screws that look like they still have 90% of their life left. If someone is grinding their bit against the heads of screws while trying to pull them out, certainly they can see some accelerated wear. If it's a helpful comparison, We use a notably better alloy for the bit than a common nut-setter, so you'll get more life out of the bit than one of those.

Do you have Testimonials?

Yes, you can find a number of testimonials at https://www.newrevolutiontools.com/blogs/customers/user-feedback

Do you ship Internationally:

Yes, we ship to many international locations including Canada, Europe, Australia and more. For most locations the cost of shipping will automatically calculate through the website when you start checking out. If you live in a region which does not have automatically calculated shipping rates, please email us for a quote: info@newrevolutiontools.com. 

What are the ideal applications for AutoLock Drivers?
Often just one of these factors can justify the cost of the tool. The more that apply to your application, generally the greater value you will experiece:

  • Challenge of access (working overhead, on a ladder, rope access certainly)
  • Need to be positioning/holding items in place while fastening
  • Risk of dropping screws-risk of injury/damage upon impact or falling into machinery or a process where that causes issues.
  • Screws not being able to be held by a magnet (300 series stainless fasteners used for exterior applications in particular)
  • High force needing to be applied while driving screws (typical of tek-screws)

What applications do NOT work well with Autolock Drivers?

  • The biggest challenges with our driver is the larger diameter when working in some tight access applications. Tool diameters: 1/4" hex is 7/8" diameter, 5/16" & 8mm Hex is 1" diameter, and the 3/8" driver is 1-1/8" diameter. 
  • Screws with non-standard heads may not be compatible. We see this most often with roofing teks that have a larger forged head. Read more below. 
  • Excessively dirty or sticky applications, Our designs have been tested to tolerate a substantial amount of dirt, dust, drill shavings etc but sticky substances like mastic or fireproofing can be problematic. In a pinch, we've used a little diesel fuel or brake cleaner works well to clean unwanted crud off of tools. Diesel is nice because it will leave a light oil layer on the parts, but that also collects more dust in dusty environments.

What screws are compatible with Autolock Drivers?

Typical tek screws fit fine. Floating washers (for example neo-bonded washers) are not an issue as long as there is about a 1/4" or 6mm gap between the bottom of the head and the top of the washers where the ball bearings lock onto the flange. We do sometimes see roofing screws that have larger forged heads (larger diameter flanges) and we do not yet make a driver for this type. Read more at https://www.newrevolutiontools.com/blogs/resources/screw-compatibility. 

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax will be calculated and shown during the checkout process where we are required to collect it. If sales tax is included for your area but you qualify to purchase tax exempt, please email us at info@newrevolutiontools.com with a tax exemption form and a list of what you are looking to purchase. We will issue you a custom quote without sales tax.